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In our Literature class  we have been analysing different poems.Here is the poem I had analysed with Lucia Roggero and Agostina Alday.

Comparison of «A birthday» and «The woodspurge»

Inour literature class our teacher ask us to compare «A Birthday»and»The woodspurge».

The poem «A birthday» is ver different to «The woodspurge » in many differents way because to start with in «A birthday» the tone is happines and peace and in «the woodspurge» is sadness and pain .Also we can say that the theme is very different, in «A birthday » is love and nature and in » The woodspurge » the theme is religion  and sadness. In «A birthday » the atmosphere is a very positive one with happiness and calmness in contrast with «The woodspurge» the atmospher is negative one with sadness and pain.

«A Birthday»

In our literature class we read the poem «A Birthday».Here is a video of the poem.

a)What is the theme?

The theme of «a birthday» is related with love and nature.

b)What is the tone?

The tone is related with calm, happines and joyful.

c) What is the main difference between the two stanzas?

The main difference between the two stanzas are that the first one the author is relating what she feels with nature and the second one is related with material objects.

d)How are the similes in the poem appropriate for the romantic longings the speaker feels?

The author express how happy and thanked she is because of all the love she is feeling.

e)How is the metaphor of the birthday appropriate?

the metaphor of the birthday is appropriate because she feels she is starting her life again and everything is new and  is experiencing the best feeling that is love .

f)Make a list of religious symbols. What do they mean in the poem?

the birds: Represents peace and how calm she is in that moment.

rainbow:symbolizes God´s promisses.