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Berlin Blockade

In our History class we were asked to answer some questions of the berlin blockade. Here is the questions we must answer.

1. What was life like in Berlin in the post-war era?

Life in Berlin was not easy.Berlin was divided in two zones. Both zones were ruled very differently as the two superpowers controlled each zones . There was the soviet and the western zones.People didn t like this separation and they were desesperated as they wanted to recover for war and this didn t help.

2. How did Soviet policy towards Berlin differ from that of the West?

The differences were as the ussr established Communist rule in the former Russian Empire.Communist didn t allow people to many things and they looked equality in the population.

3. Why was reform of the German currency a key issue for both sides?

As Stalin wanted to destroyed Germany and in especial their economy and the new currency he saw in purpose . He decided to cut all roads that went into Berlin.

4. Why was the airlift such a major feat?

This was a major feat because it shows how powerfull usa was althought it was very expensive and it takes a lot of time and money to prepeared an airlift.

5. In what respect can the USSR and US be responsible for further increasing tensions during the airlift?

In one hand it was not clear for the ussr if the usa was attacking them and in the other hand as it wasn t clear this it wasn t safe to usa to send the aircraft.In someway they had to take a risk and if the airecraft didn t arrived they also lost money with out any result.

6. Why did Stalin eventually agree to talks over the airlift?

Stalin agreed because he knows that at one point they sould recover the railways and because it wasnt hepling to the opinnion of the other countries

The outbreak of the cold war

In our History class we were asked to watch a video and a slideshare on the outbreak of the cold war.We also answer some questions of the slideshare.

1) Why did the wartime Alliance fall apart?

2) What were the major differences between the superpowers?

3) The importance of Yalta and Potsdam conferences.

4) The roles of Stalin and Truman.

1)The wartime alliance fall apart because after completing their object they colud not longer avoid the differences they had one another and they didn’t have a reason to be allies.

2)The major differences between the superpowers was that USSR was communist and USA was capitalist and when they defeated Facism their differences started to being notice.

3)The importance of Yalta and potsdam conference were that they discuss what to do with Germany,began to think what to do after the war world and how to finished Japan’s war.


Manchurian Crisis

In our History class we had to answer questions from this video.

  • How does the video open? What might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be?

The video opens showing in which conditions was poland at the beginning of the second world war.It also reflects the failures of the League of nations because they couldn’t control the situation and poland was destroyed.

  • What problems did Japan face? (Mention ALL of them)

The problems they suffered were that the population was booming , they couldn’t maintain all the amount of people, also they were an isolated country so they had to open with other countries to start doing trade as they didn’t have natural materials to explote. This also caused unemployment.

  • What was the role of the army in Japan?

The army was very powerful and controlled the education.

  • What did army leaders believe Japan needed?

The army leaders of Japan believed they needed more lands and territories, in this way they would have more natural materials and power. Also they thought they had to expand to the east.

  • What was the value of Manchuria?

Manchuria was very valuable because they had natural materials, that Japan needed and also they would gain lands and this would cause a lot of jobs.

  • What happened at Mudken?

They exploted  a railway that belonged to Japan.

  • What did the League do about it?

The League decided Japan should leave Manchuria. They took a hole year to make this decision.

  • What was Japan’s reaction to the decision of the League?

Japan left the Leauge of Nations and they stayed in Manchuria.


History source work

In the History class with Lenny, we were assigned different sources to analyze in groups. I worked with Mara, Lucia, Luli and Juan. Our sources were about the negative of the League of Nations in the 1920s.


This is a Primary Source because it is a photo taken of a sign at the 1920s where immigrants were restricted.

This source deals with the issue of prejudice and intolerance. It shows that if you aren’t white you are not going to be serve. If you want to be served you had to be white. This is a racist message. It shows how black people and immigrants were treated in those years. By the time slavery was ended, in the US there were more black people than white.

The message of this source is how hard people faced intolerance and racism towards immigrants and black people. In this case Spanish and Mexicans were left apart. Those who weren’t white or Americans suffered discrimination. In 1924 the American government restricted immigration.



This source is primary because the photo was taken in the time the event was happening and the author was a witness of the event.

In this photo you can see a police officer doing a surprise check on a Lunch Room to see if they had stored any alcoholic beverages, which after the prohibition law was passed was illegal.

The message behind this picture is that at the time police officers had to check constantly on the people in USA since they were desperate enough to break the law.It also shows the way they had to do it.The prohibition was negative because it increased the sales of drinks, the number of gangsters and illegal activities, and of deaths. This was because the banning of drinks made people more violent and critical to drink. Although in this picture the officers are doing their job honourably and correctly, there were lots of corrupt cops.You can see a lot of photos about prohibition since it was a very important and controversial part of the 1920s in the USA.


This is a primary source; it`s a photo of people protesting about what happened to Sacco and Vanzetti. They two were victims of the red scare, which took place in USA in the 1920s. They were arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and murder. The trial became more about them being anarchists than of a murder, and six years later they were executed. This is a clear example of what was going on in the USA, the intolerance they had, how close-minded they were, the prejudice and the way they treated people who thought different. People noticed this, and realized that this was wrong and so, they supported Sacco and Vanzetti, they were on their side, and so they protested.