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War vocabulary

In our Language and Literature class we had been  working on war vocabulary by reading some articles that our teacher gave us. After that we had to make a description of 10 images using the vocabulary previously founded in the articles.Here is our presentation .I worked with Lucia Roggero and Josefina Catani.

Language Activity

In our Language class we saw different connectors. In order for us to remember all of them we divided into groups and each group did a poster on  certain types of connectors. Here is the one I did with Luz Garcia Fernandez, Josefina Catani, Florencia Araya  and Lucia Roggero on Condition Connectors.

And these are the work other groups made:

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blank.

1. __________ that The Rolling Stones come to Argentina, I will buy tickets for their show.

2. You may watch TV, _________ you do all your homework.

3. _______ you read the book you will understand the class.

4. _______ you realize you were wrong you will feel better.

5. ______ you had studied you would have passed the test.

6. ______ you were wondering i will go to the party

7. _______ i know you studied, i will give you a second chance.

8. I have done all of the work for the project, _______ you still haven’t done your job, and it is due tomorrow.

9. We were not sure ________ it will rain

10. You may go out tonight ________ you prove yourself loyal

A peek into discrimination. KKK

In our language class we have been learning about segregation and racism. Our teacher gave us the task of getting in groups and choosing a subject related to these topics and make a presentation about it. We chose the kkk klan. Here is the link


A Special place/moment

In our language class the teacher,Daniela Barra,told us to write about our special place or moment that we shared with a friend.In my case,it was with Agostina Alday.Here is my work.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday,i was thinking about the night that my friends group and i share the best moment. Although we had had a lot of meetings,I think that the best one was in the balcony of a friend,Delfina Santayana.

That night was especial.This is because it was a coincidence that we ended up talking in such a strange place,like a balcony,during the night.There were four girls,Lucia Roggero,Delfina Santayana,Agostina Alday and i and in that moment we weren t  bigs friends.

In my opinion,the balcony inspired us because we were full of food and we were listening to music.For a moment,we only danced and took pictures and that was very funny because little by little we started being each one of us our one.But, when we started being tired we started talking about deep thoughts,personal life,the positive and negative things of each other and also we shared our secrets.

Time passed by and we hadn t realized because we were having so much fun and realising that we were becoming more united.Each one of us had a lot of things to tell and we had a lot of things in common.

Because of all the things we did that night i think that the balcony is a very special and important place and i hope we stay friends for a long time.


Online Test

Our teacher asked us to do an online test. Here is mine:



D:Hello Charlotte Perkins!How are you?

C:Good morning,i find myself very well

D:I would like to make you some questions

C:well, i will try to answer them all

D:First of all, i would like to know where have you been born?

C:I was born in Hartford,Connecticut.

D:What is your job?

C:I am a writer of short stories poetry and nonfiction.

D:and which was the most famous piece of write?

C:The most famous pice of write was The Yellow Wall Paper,and i think it is because there was a message i wanted to transmit to all the future lectures.

D:And what did you transmit?

C:The woman position in nineteenth,it is more a feminist text.

D:Okay, and tell me are you marriage?

C:Yes! Igot marriage in 1884 with Charles Stetson.

D:and did you have a daughter

C:yes, she is Katherine.

D:and who transmit you the love of literature?

C:my father,Fredrick Perkins ,did. He was  a librarian

D:Well thank a lot!

C:see you later