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In our Biology class we are studyng respiration so we make the following activity.

1 – State the uses of energy in our body.

The uses of energy are  for:

  1. Contracting muscles,so that we can move parts of the body.
  2. Making protein molecules by linking together amino acids into long chains.
  3. Cell division,so that we can repair damaged tissues and can grow.
  4. Active transport,so that we can move substances across cell membrane up their concentration gradients.
  5. Transmitting nerve impulses,so that we can transfer information quickly from one part of the body to another.
  6. Producing heat inside the body,to keep the body temperature constant even if the enviroment is cold.

2 – Construct a mind map about respiration.

here is the link

(point 3 is in the map!)

4- Search in the internet a short video, which explains why the breathing rate does not return to normal immediately after vigorous exercise stops.



We were asked to make a przi explaining pathogens.I worked with Delfina santayana,Agos alday y Lucia Roggero.

This is  the link

Online Test

Our teacher asked us to do an online test. Here is mine:



D:Hello Charlotte Perkins!How are you?

C:Good morning,i find myself very well

D:I would like to make you some questions

C:well, i will try to answer them all

D:First of all, i would like to know where have you been born?

C:I was born in Hartford,Connecticut.

D:What is your job?

C:I am a writer of short stories poetry and nonfiction.

D:and which was the most famous piece of write?

C:The most famous pice of write was The Yellow Wall Paper,and i think it is because there was a message i wanted to transmit to all the future lectures.

D:And what did you transmit?

C:The woman position in nineteenth,it is more a feminist text.

D:Okay, and tell me are you marriage?

C:Yes! Igot marriage in 1884 with Charles Stetson.

D:and did you have a daughter

C:yes, she is Katherine.

D:and who transmit you the love of literature?

C:my father,Fredrick Perkins ,did. He was  a librarian

D:Well thank a lot!

C:see you later

Digestive system: Diarrhoea and Cholera

In our biology class after watching a video of cholera we have to answer the following questions.

1) Name signs/symptoms caused by cholera.

2) State ways in which the bacterium spreads in the village.

3) What is diarrhoea?

4) How does the cholera bacterium cause diarrhoea?

5) How did the boy treated his father?

6) Name the different actions which the boy taught to the people in the village to prevent the disease.

  1. The symptons of cholera could be headche and sikness and the signs are diarrea,vomiting,weakness and dehydration.
  2. the ways that the bacterium spread in the village are by going to the bathroom and dont wash your hands and toucher other thing,the flyees transport the bacteria,cooking with out washing your hands and going to the bathroom in the water
  3. Diarrhoea is the condition of having at least three lose or liquid bowee movments each day
  4. the bacteria cause diarrhoea because a toxic is produced and attacked the wall of the  intestine
  5. The boy treated his father by making a special drink with safe water by filtrating it and then he boilde it for one minute and then he threw 1 spoom of salt and 6 of sugar.
  6. the different actions which the boy taught to the people in the village to prevent the disease by cooking with clean water and clean food, clean their hands before eating and after going to the bathroom and to protect the food fron flyees.


In our Language class the teacher,Pilar Pando,asked us to write a description where we had been during the holidays including the vocabulary learnt in class and focus on the natural or one persone you have met.


We were going for a month and a half.We had already been there but it was like the first time because i didn’t remember very much.I chose New York because i was amazed with the whole city and i considered it perfect.

The place i like the most was te Central park.There the air is pure and you can hear the whisper and murmur of the leaves.Also the screeching of birds that transmit you a feeling of peace and happiness and make you disconect from the noisy city.The trees are from different colors and the grass is very green and you can smell the peculiar smell of the healthy grass.As you walk throw the park on the cobbled paths you can see the difference lagoons and the real dimension of the park.What surprise me the most was that you can see the skycaps and different buildings behind the edges of the park and although you can still watch the blue sky.What i really enjoy of the park, was that it was very tidy and it was not  completely full of persons. Also,what really transmit you peace and a sensation of relaxation was that you didn’t heared the cars or the noise or the small of the city.

All in all, i could say that i would really recommend evrybrody to go to New York because  not only the central park is very beautiful and transmit you peace and nature you can also go over the city and to differents museums and stores.