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We were asked to make a przi explaining pathogens.I worked with Delfina santayana,Agos alday y Lucia Roggero.

This is  the link

Online Test

Our teacher asked us to do an online test. Here is mine:



D:Hello Charlotte Perkins!How are you?

C:Good morning,i find myself very well

D:I would like to make you some questions

C:well, i will try to answer them all

D:First of all, i would like to know where have you been born?

C:I was born in Hartford,Connecticut.

D:What is your job?

C:I am a writer of short stories poetry and nonfiction.

D:and which was the most famous piece of write?

C:The most famous pice of write was The Yellow Wall Paper,and i think it is because there was a message i wanted to transmit to all the future lectures.

D:And what did you transmit?

C:The woman position in nineteenth,it is more a feminist text.

D:Okay, and tell me are you marriage?

C:Yes! Igot marriage in 1884 with Charles Stetson.

D:and did you have a daughter

C:yes, she is Katherine.

D:and who transmit you the love of literature?

C:my father,Fredrick Perkins ,did. He was  a librarian

D:Well thank a lot!

C:see you later