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The outbreak of the cold war

In our History class we were asked to watch a video and a slideshare on the outbreak of the cold war.We also answer some questions of the slideshare.

1) Why did the wartime Alliance fall apart?

2) What were the major differences between the superpowers?

3) The importance of Yalta and Potsdam conferences.

4) The roles of Stalin and Truman.

1)The wartime alliance fall apart because after completing their object they colud not longer avoid the differences they had one another and they didn’t have a reason to be allies.

2)The major differences between the superpowers was that USSR was communist and USA was capitalist and when they defeated Facism their differences started to being notice.

3)The importance of Yalta and potsdam conference were that they discuss what to do with Germany,began to think what to do after the war world and how to finished Japan’s war.